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The founders of SuttonAdvisors, Jerry and Linda Sutton have always known that the key to successful financial planning was to understand the individualism of each client. Define your journey. has been woven throughout their process even before it had been identified by name. The Sutton Team knows that the 'Journey' lives beyond a person's life as a legacy, not just through estate plans or trusts; but, through memories, meaning and experiences passed on for generations to come.

Sailing and Rowing The process evolved on a day when Jerry was flying on his own to visit their daughter Jordan. Linda asked, "What am I supposed to do if something happens to you?" Jerry knew from that moment, that if he and Linda had those questions of each other, that his clients must have those questions also. It was then that he knew that his family and the business would need to define its own journey to better serve clients. The company has since built a model and best practices that will stand the tests of time.

The accumulation and distribution of wealth must be managed on a case-by-case basis. The meaning of money is unique for each person, each couple, each family. SuttonAdvisors sets benchmark goals with each of their clients through a unique process. The Sutton Tools assist in goal setting, progress tracking and goal attaining, but the 'Journey' through the process varies in duration, hurdles and benchmarks.

Each client brings a set of tools to the table as well: life experience, drive, worries and even woes. SuttonAdvisors' job is to help the client make sense of it all: streamlining deductions, examining proper insurance coverage, managing investments, developing appropriate estate plans, charitable gifting and creating opportunity – it's all part of the process in creating balance in the life of each client.

SuttonAdvisors, a financial boutique specializing in supporting individualism. Define your journey.