Brand Change

SuttonAdvisors Old and New Logo

A New Skin For Our Onion

We’ve had 40+ years of great success by evolving with the times and adding to our knowledge base as well as employing new technologies and formulas to our processes. In other words, we’ve grown with the times and found new ways to benefit our clients. So when 2016 rolled around, we began a process of changing our image to match the dynamic of our organization. We wanted our brand image to truly reflect who we are and just how we work.

It started with our logo.

Not to say the old logo was bad, but it just didn’t capture the energy and spirit we wanted to portray. So we put it kindly out to pasture to graze with old Bell Telephone and Morton Salt logos and worked with our agency design team to come up with our new “Wing” logo.  In the words of our founder, Jerry Sutton, “Wings give us the power to rise above the din and gain the clarity of vision through which we can see the paths to a better future. “ Lofty rhetoric indeed, but it does say what we’re all about.

Welcome to the new face of the old Sutton Advisors.

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