Website Renovation

Website Renovation

Fashioning a Silk Purse

Websites are strange animals. No matter how grand their original design, if left to themselves, they age rather quickly and soon become dinosaurs, plodding along waiting to get hit by a meteorite. We took a long hard look at our website and concluded that, although functional, it too had become a little long in the tooth and could use a little remedial surgery, starting with a facelift followed up with some skeletal shoring up to give it some strength.

The truth of the matter is that we have a new company logo and a dynamic new procedural model that we wanted to showcase, so our Internet presence is a great place to start. What’s more, we also needed to add a few new features to make interaction with our clients.

After hours and hours liaising with our agency, Queue Advertising and our Internet company, Courtland Consulting, we arrived at what you see today. New. Descriptive. Helpful. Navigable. Dive in and look around and hopefully you’ll easily find everything you’re looking for.

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