Life Stage Model

Life Stage Model

A Better View of Things

When we started rebranding ourselves a year or so ago, we dug down to our core and concluded that we needed a better way to help our clients see what’s in store for them down the road and how their financial decisions now impacted their lives then.  That’s really what we do, isn’t it, help people manage wealth to make life better in the future. So we wanted our process model to reflect that, exactly.

So our Life Stage Model was created. This process breaks life up into 14 stages, in a generally accepted order, and spells out just what financial services are appropriate to each stage. Starting with Work Start (where things start to get complicated) and proceeding all the way to the day the relatives debate about who gets what, the Life-Stage Model brilliantly helps our clients visualize and plan their financial path.

Check it out on our website and see where you fit in the big scheme of things. You’ll also discover what you might be doing and how we can help you along the way.

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