Our Story


When Jerry and Linda Sutton founded Sutton Advisors, their experience had taught them that the real key to successful planning was to recognize and address the individual needs and desires of each client. Certainly, standard tools and processes existed to guide people through the financial labyrinth of life, but every family situation had its own dynamic. So each person brought their own values, life experience, aspirations, goals, relationships and concerns to their plan.

Over the years, the Suttons built a team that not only added expertise in areas like wealth management, tax planning, insurance, investing, estate planning, risk management, retirement planning and more, but also were devoted to building the kind of personal relationships with clients that inspired the trust and confidence necessary to make Sutton Advisors literally a part of their family.

“Each person is an expert about themselves,” says Jerry. “We must try to share the life of each of our clients to fully understand what they want and where we can help them go. Our job is to be their coach and help them create change for themselves.”

Our Philosophy

It has been our experience that if people can see where they are going, they have a new sense of purpose when planning. Clients find that our process helps them capture a bold vision, and have confidence that the decisions they make will help them live.

Life is full of transitions or stages. Anticipating key stages and having a plan is key to more successful transitions. We understand that most people want us to help them change, in order to help them get what they want. Every transition we make in life’s journey has financial implications.